All a student needs to “Sign Up” button to reach its checkout page, and put in their payment details there.

Now, the second logical question is: what happens when a student has bought this plan? How do they go about unlocking courses at your school? Glad you asked!

Let’s first see what a student will see in their Order History right after purchasing this plan. We’ll peep into Stan Lee’s account, our first student for this school.

Once Stan clicks on My Subscriptions, he’ll see his active subscription, along with other stats like pricing, the Number of Credits, a cancel button, and even a Download Invoice option.

The student clicks on the "All Courses" Tab in our school and picks a course that you want to unlock.


Course Details Page

When you reach a course details page for one of our courses and clicks on the bright green “Access” button towards the right.


Course Access Page


You can repeat the same steps for any course you want to start learning, Once you click on Access from there on you can see all your registered courses under the "My orders" tab in your dashboard as below:


Student My Orders


Happy Learning !!!