AWS Solution Architect Masterclass 2021

Amazon Web Services is undeniably the leading enable of digital transformation across various market segments globally. Traditional skills combined with newly acquired knowledge of Cloud technologies especially those built on AWS platforms are going to be an irrefutable force of career progression for many professionals. 


This course is tailor made to facilitate practical learning for architecting, implementing infrastructures and application on AWs Cloud.


Course Highlights - 


1) Unique Blend of in depth AWS Services details 

2) Build on Progressive and specific knowledge needs.

3) Delivered and suitable for early in career professionals to seasoned professionals with higher results.

4) Understanding the course concepts and reassert learnings with real time use cases


This training is one of its unique kind global which presents dedicated sessions on troubleshooting along with enterprise use cases projects to the participant. 


Upon completion of the course the candidate would have a confidence par achitect level to handle any enterprise solutioning requirement. 

AWS Solution Architect Masterclass


AWS Monitoring and Notification Services Masterclass


Sravan Kumar E

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